VIMS Winners

Vernon Isaac Memorial Scholarship

Memorial Celebration Jan.22,2000


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October, 2001
Mikes Music and The Friends of the Vernon Isaac Society would like to introduce Alison Young, the second recipient of the VIMS.   Alison has chosen to pursue her musical studies at the University of Toronto.   A little over two years ago, I heard this saxophone player, and was completely amazed with her sound AND her phrasings.  Alison demonstrated saxophone musical skills of a seasoned player with confidence and impeccable accuracy.  We send her our best wishes and success that is most certain to follow!!

August, 2000
Mikes Music and The Friends of the Vernon Isaac Society are pleased to announce the inaugural winner of the VERNON ISAAC MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP.  In June of 2000, Emilio Reyes-Leblanc was the proud recipient of the inaugural VIMS and had the good fortune to perform at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival  with Vernon Isaac Tribute Band.  Emilio has gone on to study music at the University of Toronto.  We look forward to hearing from Emilio on all his accomplishments in Toronto!!